San Diego's high-quality MDF Mouldings for interior home renovation projects

Mission Moulding & Wood Specialties carries a huge selection of in-stock MDF moulding in California. We're serving San Diego since 1982 as the top supplier of interior MDF moulding and other specialty wood products. Trim your home with our vast collections of Medium-density fiberboard moulding profiles from base moulding, casing, chair rail, crown, and more MDF specialty mouldings.

Whether you are a big time contractor or want to give your living room a new look, we offer wide options of high-quality MDF moulding profiles to choose from. You're sure to find all kinds of dimensions, styles, and lengths that matches your needs. Medium Density Fiberboard Moulding (MDF) is a composite material commonly made of wood fibers and resin formed by high pressure and heat process. MDF Moulding elements can be made into an assortment of profiles for finishing and trimming residential and commercial interiors and cabinets. MDF Moulding is a low-cost alternative to solid wood and is widely available unfinished or primed surface which requires painting.

MDF is environmental friendly as it is made of wood by-products and waste from lumber mills and wood manufacturing processes eliminating the need to dispose of this material. MDF Moulding does not contain woodgrains, rings or knots resulting in an ultra-smooth surface ideal for laminating veneers or painting. We always bring all our knowledge and expertise to every customer that comes through the door. Our MDF mouldings are always the favorite for suburban woodworkers and cabinetry makers in El Cajon, Chula Vista, San Marcos, Salona Beach, Carlsbad, Escondido, Del Mar, to the Ranch Santa Fe in California. Shop now for MDF Mouldings in-stock online or visit our store.