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Introduce your child to the magical universe of dusty the dog and his adventures as a wood worker, designed to help the little ones discover the pleasure of coloring and artwork!

Dusty From Mission Moulding Has A Coloring Book is a wonderful kids activity book which contains over 20+ pages, allowing children of all ages to express their creativity and imagination through the use of colors. Each of our page is drawn in a whimsical and fun manner with unique designs which will keep the kids entertained for hours at a time. Our inspiring illustrations allow your child to choose his or her favorite colors and utensils. The high-quality paper is compatible with crayons, watercolor markers, colored wax pencils, providing excellent and ultra-bright results without easily tearing under their energetic hands!

Why is this coloring book the perfect choice for you and your little one?

  • Ideal parent-child activity for quality time together;
  • Stimulates interest in art at a young age;
  • Coloring helps improve dexterity, hand-eye coordination;
  • Beautifully illustrated colorful cover;
  • Educational and fun;
  • Adorable Dusty designs with a cute variety of drawings;
  • No bleed through;
  • Compatible with multiple coloring instruments;
  • Bright white paper for higher contrast;
  • Ideal for boys and girls of all ages.
  • Bonus for Mission Moulding shoppers located in book;

Make sure your children enjoy a health and fun indoors activity with the Dusty From Mission Moulding Has A Coloring Book coloring book for kids!



Dusty From Mission Moulding has a coloring book
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