Premium-quality Red Oak Chair Rails for interior home building projects

We offer the largest options of Red Oak Chair Rail Moulding in California. Mission Moulding has been serving San Diego since 1982 as the leading supplier of interior Red Oak Chair Rail Moulding and other specialty wood products. Trim your home with our wide collections of Red Oak wood molding profiles from crown, baseboards, chair rails, window & door casings, and more specialty wood mouldings. Chair rails are used approximately 30-inches to 40-inches from the floor, running horizontally to form a wainscot look. It can also be used as panel mouldings to form panels on walls or ceilings. Red oak wood is a popular wood choice for many carpenters, woodworkers and cabinetmakers specially in wood moulding crafts. The Red Oak's grain may be especially stunning if a dark stain is used during the finishing process.

Whether you are a big time contractor or want to give your living room a new look, we offer wide selection of high-quality Red Oak Chair Rail Moulding profiles to choose from. Get it from different dimensions, styles, and lengths you need. Our wood mouldings are available in many species of wood like Alder, Cherry, Douglas Fir, Finger-Joint, Mahogany, Maple, Pine, Poplar, and Red Oak wood and MDF or Medium-density fiberboard. We always bring all our knowledge and expertise to every customer that comes through the door. Shop now for Red Oak Chair Rails in-stock online or visit our store.